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Originally Posted by baakyocalder View Post
All humans have Avatars, but mages have Avatars with enough power to do magick.

Avatars reincarnate, as you would expect from the Past Lives background. So, you don't have the issue of needing billions of fragments of avatars until you have billions of people.

Mage is silent on predestination, but the same Avatar doesn't start as Awakened in every body. So, in each new human, the Avatar starts as a slumberer, a Sleeper, but can wake up.

Prime 1 and Spirit 1 can be used to see the Avatar. Prime will show a lot more than the 10ish Quintessence in a human body--basically anything charged with enough Prime can be noticed with Prime 1 as being more there. The Spirit sphere at the first rank actually lets one see the spirit of the Avatar, which can find mages. Combine that with Entropy or Mind or other spheres and you can get an idea if it's another supernatural being.

An Avatar is a spiritual part of each living thing, which is why you need Spirit 5 to gilgul--it's part and parcel of being alive.

Oh, and while the Technocracy uses different terms, their Dimensional Science sphere shows Avatars as well.
Can you provide page references for these points? I have Mage 2nd, the 20th anniversary version, How Do You Do That? and Sorcerer's Crusade; any of those would be helpful.

Every living thing? So a tree has an Avatar? Or an E. coli bacterium? Can such a living organism Awaken? And that makes gilgul perplexing: If being alive and having a spirit are the same thing, then it seems that gilgul ought to kill the being it was done to instantly. I thought that the Avatar was like a second spirit, one separate from the personal spirit. Are you saying that if I do a character sheet for an unawakened Man In The Street, I should give it an Avatar score that doesn't actually confer any benefits?

As I understand Dimensional Science, it reveals the spirit world as a hyperdimensional realm, one inhabited by alien races. Are Avatars then aliens, in the view of the Technocracy? Does every human body carry around an alien parasite/symbiote that controls its actions?
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