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Default Re: Questions regarding enemies (disadvantage)

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I think I get it, but well... if this is a group of 20 people and they are "less powerful" (50% PC points or less), is it acceptable to give them a leader with at least 100% of the PC's CP?
The rules don't really say one way or the other, but for -30 points, a medium-sized group (6-20) can include some formidable or superhuman individuals; the rank-and-file of the group presumably being as powerful as the PC.

By extension, I'd think a medium-sized group with the rank-and-file being less powerful than the PC could include some individuals who are as powerful as the PC. Since a small group (3-5) of enemies as powerful as the PC would be the equivalent of a medium-sized group of less powerful enemies, I'd say that there are only 1 or 2 such individuals in any medium group regardless of the base power level. When the enemy does appear, encountering 1 superior individual shouldn't be a common occurrence, and both individuals being present should be a rare occurrence.
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