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Default Re: Flexible ballistics armor: right through or totally stopped

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
I think 51 damage hitting DR 50 and doing 35 damage instead of 10 is seriously ungood, personally.
I agree, but when given the choice between a system I can do the math for fairly quickly in my head and one I need to pull out a calculator and plug in a decent amount of data for, failure in edge cases becomes more acceptable for the ease of use on the first. With a computer at hand, however, I'd absolutely do difference of squares, and just have a simple spreadsheet setup to do the calculations for me. Note also that using the damage caps from HT can significantly reduce the problem - that 35 damage is likely instead only 13 or 14 (for a strong target) damage for determining injury, with the rest just making bleeding worse... which in a setting where you'd expect to have characters wearing DR 50, isn't much of an issue (thanks to hypercoagulin). The failure is more severe when dealing with vehicles, of course, but this is meant more for human-scale combat.
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