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Default Re: Looking for character sheets: Displacer Beast & Malboro

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
A quick Google search for GURPS Displacer Beast gives several results, here's a pretty decent one. Note that version, because it uses Defensive Obscure, has the added benefit of allowing close allies to benefit from the displacement as well. GURPS Malboro isn't so easy (...)
Well, I actually checked this guide. The displacer beast is magnificent indeed. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Pseudonym View Post
I'd say this is a good start, but to this, I'd also (...)
The Marlboro, I am starting to build it. But its profile says it weights about 70 tons and it is about 30 ft height... So it is SM 4, how am I supposed to deal with this (character creation wise)?

As a quick reference, these measures are 1/3 the weight & height of an average great whale.

On the other hand, the average weight for a human is 137 lbs. if the average human (GURPS wise) has 10 ST, then I could estimate ST using its heavy encumbrance level which is 120 lbs. (more or less is carrying another person of your weight).

- A human @ 137 lbs has 10 ST, and might carry 120 lbs. heavily encumbered, thus...
- A Marlboro @ 137,000 lbs. should have 315 ST, to carry 120,000 lbs.


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