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Originally Posted by Dragondog View Post
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How much webbing is there? How can something that grabs your feet and legs prevent you from using reach 1 weapons? How does it prevent you from making ranged attacks?
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I like questions like these because I'm a stickler for precision and clarity. Of course that takes time and space in a product.

I would agree with the conclusions here that just the legs and feet are grappled.

Still the text of Dungeon is compressed in its description of the threat:
. . . the floor is matted with layers of dense spider webs . . .
You could infer that the spiders were very active and the webbing is chest high.

This would be a bit irrational for two reasons:
  1. The spiders would probably be operating from on top of the webbing and attacking from a height off the ground (this is not explicitly described.)
  2. It would be silly for adventurers to just walk into such a web hex.

But yes, none of this is explained outside of the quote above.
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