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Default Re: The Ogre Video Game is Available Now!

I bought it last night. That's the first time I've paid full price for a video game in a decade, I hope you all feel special. ;-)

Very fun to play. The stacked icons are kinda weird, but I can see why they did it that way. I did have one crash in the tutorial, but when I restarted the mission it played through again just fine. Got through the entire tutorial and about halfway through the second campaign scenario before I had to go do other things. Looking forward to more scenarios on the GEV maps, I was always more into GEV than Ogre.

One gripe: Spillover fire doesn't affect terrain. This is exactly the sort of tedious record keeping that porting a board game to a video game is supposed to take over for you. This isn't that big of a deal right now, but when they start to port over the Raid scenarios it could start to affect play balance.
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