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Default Re: Casting Continual Light On Living Targets

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They don't. Sense Emotion, for example, is not a Resisted spell, and isn't even an Information spell. Any wizard who also knows Sense Foes can cast it with no other prerequisites. There is apparently no defense against it except Counterspell, Dispel Magic, and Hide Thoughts.
That's more of an edge case though. It's arguable that Sense Emotion isn't cast on a target at all but on the caster - emotions are one of those things GURPS metaphysics apparently assumes are displayed in you aura, which is a potentially visible objective phenomenon. The rules aren't terribly consistent about this sort of thing, probably because there is no reality to reality check, but a spell or power for sensing emotions is arguably no more acting on "you" than Darkvision is when it allows the caster to see you in the dark.
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