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Default Re: Ogre computer game released

Wow, I've waited so long to be able to play the OGRE while farting around at work. (I've used the old DOS OGRE for ages but you always play the defender against the computer.)

So I'm finishing up my first Mark V attacks as the OGRE, and I'm grinning ear-to-ear. The AI usually makes pretty good decisions, but I think it runs largely under the assumption that I'm going to beeline for the CP. After my initial missile volley got a D/X on 4 HVY, 1 GEV, and 1 MSL, the whole right side of the board was open. More than once I doubled back to smash units that were coming up from behind.

They finally took out my 1Bs around the half-line and started on treads. But I'm just rampaging around, doubling back on the SHVY, and driving through the parking lot of INF just mowing them down. By the time they got me to 2 speed, all they had left was a pair of GEVs that I can't harm anymore. So I drive over to the CP and smash it, the whole time these GEVs are taking a pair of 1:2 shots on my 2Bs (and I have 4 left) instead of hitting my treads.

I popped the CP and turned around, heading for the exit, and these GEVs just keep shooting at my 2Bs. I mean at least pair up for a 1:1 shot? So it seems like their instructions are to take out 1Bs, treads to 2, take out 2Bs, then hit treads. That's typically a sound plan on the attack, but there comes a point where treads are more important than everything. :P

Still, I'm having a lot of fun with this, and not getting much work done.

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