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Default Re: [Ultra-Tech] What would naval warfare at TL10 look like?

Originally Posted by Crystalline_Entity View Post
I hadn't considered jamming (something mlangsdorf mentioned in his first post) as a threat (current TL8 drones don't seem susceptible to this, though I suspect that's a relative-tech-level issue);
It is very difficult to jam highly directional signals (light tight-beam microwave communications). One method I've seen discussed was to have a chain of drones, each with line-of-sight to the next, to relay communications back to HQ. They can also be semi-autonomous - give them a mission ("destroy this target", "blow up any anti-air defenses") and off they go to do their thing without communication. You can even do reconnaissance without long range communication - the drone just has to get back to within line-of-sight of a friendly base or ship.

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