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Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
I would really like to get this video game, but I only have an old MacBook Pro right now.
I'm playing primarily on a Windows 7 VM in VirtualBox on a late 2012 MBP. It "runs" but it's pokey, to say the least; even with everything dialed down (animations off, etc). I'm able to get my fix, but it's far from an ideal setup.

The main thing I noticed is the fewer AU on the screen, the better it runs. In other words, zoom all the way in. It's pretty responsive when you do that for the most part. Obviously the downside is you lose context (where things outside your viewing area are, etc), but at least you can play.

I get the feeling all the processing is happening for all the objects on screen all the time. It would be nice if you could make the objects static so the system doesn't have to constantly redraw everything. That would probably help a lot.
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