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Default Re: Casting Continual Light On Living Targets

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For reasons that aren't important here, one of my players wants to cast Continual Light targeting part of a person's body, calling this "a small part of a larger object". The target would prefer this didn't happen. Is it valid to target a living being with this spell, and if so, does an unwilling target get to resist in any way? I am interested in both what the rules actually state as well as suggested house rulings.
My personal ruling would be the same as for any spell that targets an "object" - if it has a Will score, it isn't one and the spell automatically fails.

Spells that are supposed to work on both objects and living targets are usually worded as affecting a "subject", and often distinguish by giving living or animate ones resistance rolls, something I'd extend to just about any spell that failed to mention it as well - spells you can cast on an unwilling target automatically are no more common than attacks you can launch that have no defense rolls. That costs extra, a *lot* extra, if it's possible at all. But I don't think the rules actually ever say explicitly either way.
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