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Default Re: Concentrate vs. Concentrate Maneuver

Originally Posted by Dragondog View Post
On page 11 of Spells, under the Casting Spells While Maintaining Other Spells heading, you get a -3 penalty per spell you are concentrating on and a -1 per other spell you have on.

That's where I'm getting the "lesser" concentrate from, to call it something to explicitly differentiate it from the Concentrate maneuver.
The initial casting of a spell requires a Concentrate Maneuver (Blocking Spells are an exception); and, some spells require concentration - NOT full blown Concentrate Maneuvers – to keep going.

EDIT: My above statement is wrong. Spells that require concentration to keep going do require full blown Concentrate Maneuvers each turn to fully utilize them. It's just that you can also cast a new spell while maintaining these spells, albeit at -3 penalty, if you want. You're still taking a single Concentrate Maneuver on your turn – you're just concentrating on more than a single spell.

You can not, however, maintain a spell that requires concentration and swing a sword at something – that would be two different maneuvers: Concentration and Attack for example, and that is not allowed.

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