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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy with only one Spellcaster "Class"

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Having played a giant berserking barbarian, I can confirm that character was a sponge for healing in just about any fight that involved worthy enemies. He was a big sack of HP, which helped keep him upright, and had natural DR as well as armor DR, but he still tended to end fights being patched up by the healer and/or drinking healing potions like sports drinks.

I, of course, was perfectly happy with this but our healer, who had planned to do other things with their life, was a little irritated :)
At one point in a recent DF game, the (ninja-) scout kept several healing potions glued to the end of blunt arrows, and would shoot them into the barbarian's mouth every time he needed healing in a fight. Yes, they still hurt, but the 2d HP more than made up for it. :)
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