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Default Re: [Sorcery] Those Other Spells...

Originally Posted by Rindis View Post
it would make sense for it to ditch all the Air Move equivalents of the Running rules; i.e., no Sprint, Paced Running, or fatigue costs. You move up to the Move the spell grants, and that's it.

Are there any ready made modifiers for this? (Machine, Flight Only?)
Interesting idea! I don't believe there's any modifiers like this right now. I think it's actually a 0% modifier. Here's a writeup for it:

Externally Sourced: This modifier can be applied to any advantage that provides a new way of moving (Aquatic, Flight, Walk on Air, etc.) or one that increases your basic ground move (Enhanced Move (Ground), for example). Your mobility comes not from your own muscles or personal power source, but some other force that moves you. This means you don't have to expend your own FP to move quickly, and can even rest while you move, regaining FP as if you were moving at no more than a slow walk. However, your Move when using the advantage cannot ever exceed the basic movement provided - you can't sprint, use Extra Effort to extend your movement, and so forth. Further, the advantage can only handle your own body weight and a very small extra amount of weight (no more than No Encumbrance), and if you exceed this weight limit, it shuts down (you can increase your weight limit by buying the Can Carry Objects enhancement).
Your movement ability does still have endurance limits of its own. It effectively has FP equal to your HT, which it must spend for activities like paced running, or whenever the GM declares you would spend FP for longer abilities (such as 1 per hour when flying or hiking overland). These FP do not affect your abilities or hinder you when lost, but once they run out, your movement ability is no longer available until you regain some. They recover at the usual rate of 1 every 10 minutes (they do not recover while the movement ability itself is in use, but you don't have to rest for them to be restored). -0%
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