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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

If you aren't interested in the specific Genre of a Pyramid issue, if you are a GUPRPS player the mechanics might be applicable to other elements of GURPS. As a non-GURPS player I used to cross-pollinate useful material into the other systems I did play. Pyramid articles were often well written and GURPS mechanics were transparent enough to make conversion straightforward. I subscribed to get access to the back issues as well as I could find something useful and the $ to fact rate was good.

The themed issue approach put me off re-subscribing as the first few proposed issues contained nothing I was particularly interested in. I also already had all those back issues and so the $ per fact rate dropped well below what I was willing to support. I might have bought one issue once in a blue moon and so never got into the habit of subscribing. Once I wasn't subscribing I lost the view of what was coming and so stopped seeing the odd issue that might have been interesting. Net effect I stopped buying.

Unless CW 6th is going to be a GURPS supplement then I don't see how there is even going to be any useful cross-over with the rest of the content of the magazine. Surely all this material should be going into something like ADQ (which I thought was going to include extra cards to exemplify the new rules / factions etc).

If this content is background fiction then I would prefer a traditional fiction format like a book or comic (probably electronic to mitigate printing costs).

If it is "how we are doing" then I would expect it in a blog. I certainly won't pay for material that is there to encourage me to buy. I don't buy catalogues of company product. I accept that advertisements are part of the games magazine model as the advertising revenue offsets the production costs, but there has to be some other content that I am willing to pay for.

Of course there may be completists out there who have to have everything. I bought back issues of magazines to get every last scrap of the previous editions CW material. That was in the wilderness years when there was no content coming out and I needed my "fix". I wouldn't be doing that for a "live" product.

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