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I've used random initiative whenever I've DMed GURPS, so thats basically the long and short of how I've done . . . its one of those things where I found the houserule I liked over a decade and never had any need to reconsider it

I have done the 'roll init, declare in order of worst init to best, then act in order of best to worst' rules that some forms of White Wolf and Earthdawn use . .. and those ALWAYS got very quickly house ruled to oblivion as being to fiddly

I really like how Earthdawn works vs things off of init, but, never saw how best to work things into it in GURPS

I mostly see Speed in the 4-10 range, which is such a small spread I have never actually thought about basing things off init in GURPS . . . systems I see where a lot of stuff ties into Init are like Earthdawn and Shadowrun where Init can vary like crazy!
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