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Default An AU: A different century

It all started with Kobal. It was the early-1900s, around 1914. Shortly after World War I set in. World War I was one of the greatest Demonic gambits ever set up, and and Kobal, who had been one of the main minds behind the idea, was being heavily praised by everyone. Kobal already had plenty of clout, of course, but this was more than ever. Kobal, however, was unsatisfied. Then, he had a flash. The Ultimate Joke. Time to put the plan in action. Kobal started sowing seeds of dissent in demonic ranks. Andrealphus had Redeemed by 1918, Nybass by 1923, and both Haagenti and Kobal himself by 1929. The Redeemed weren't easily trusted, but Heaven wasn't gonna turn them down, especially given that all of them had been proven worthy before God. They became Archangels, which shocked quite a few. Andrealphus re-took his position as Archangel of Love, Nybass became Archangel of Communication, Kobal as Archangel of Laughter, and, most shockingly, Haagenti gained the long-neglected word of The Waters.

What now? How does the century change with Hell's influence weakened? How does The Media change without Nybass around? What about the influence on Celestial politics? Your thoughts?
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