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Default Re: Looking for character sheets: Displacer Beast & Malboro

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post

GURPS Malboro isn't so easy. As a plant, it probably has No Brain, and probably has No Eyes besides (it technically does have eyes, but you'd have to poke so many out to actually inconvenience it you might as well say No Eyes). It may have Extra Arms, with all its arms having Flexible (being tentacles and all), but it typically only attacks with its mouth, which may have extra Striking ST and certainly has Born Biter. It arguably has Born Biter 5, as it's basically just a giant face. Bad Breath is a large series of Linked Afflictions with Area Effect, Blood Agent, and Selective. While in Final Fantasy it tends to bite and retreat, in GURPS it would probably bite the target, turn this into a grapple, and worry away until the target was in two pieces.
I'd say this is a good start, but to this, I'd also add
  • immunity to metabolic hazards
  • High stealth
  • High speed
  • Constriction attacks with cyclic toxic damage (malboro tentacles are a recurring fixture in the Final Fantasy series.) Or a kinder GM just might give them very long flexible strikers/arms.
  • 360 degree vision, with the eyestalks limitation.

In the games where they are apex level encounters they tend to start the battle with a sneak attack, which tends to be the overwhelming status affliction move.
They tend to have a lot of HP, but not a lot of dodging... GURPS would probably convert this to ablative DR, or calculate HP as if it were homogeneous.
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