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Originally Posted by David Johansen View Post
Okay, so the Banestorm 11 years later has me thinking about fantasy deities.

While I know you can hand wave them I want a mechanical solution.

Build me the relationship between the gods and their worshipers. Ideally, the god has some responsibility / dependency on their worshipers and the worshipers can access some degree of their god's power. Not quite a patron or dependant relationship. What've you got?
It's quite appropriate for a god to be a patron to his favoured worshippers. Apart from that, if a god has a religion (and communicates with it), then it should have a religious Rank higher than any mortal member of it including the pseudo-pope. Like any leader of an organization, it will be bound to it by its desire to see it protected and grow in power thereby increasing its power.

If you were playing a god then I'd start from scratch using Primal Order as a base
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