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Default Re: Limitation for all spells to be missile?

A fair bit of video-game magic always involves "eldritch rays of power" which can miss their target or be ducked. This includes healing and other non-violent magic. And as has been pointed out, in the Harry Potter-verse, your spells are only as good as your aim with a wand.

I'd call it a wash. You'd lose time (the extra second to attack), and there's the question of misses and dodges, but you'd gain a lot of range. In essence, all spells would have a "free" Throw Spell on them, which is nominally a net benefit – but as I said, there's wasted time and not hitting to think about. Still, being able to sling, say, Deathtouch or Major Healing dozens of yards is exploitable enough to offset the downsides; e.g., lobbing a helpful spell into a mob of friends or a harmful one at a group of foes, you'll probably hit something . . . and casting Flesh to Stone or Entombment before the fight, carrying around the missile, and recovering all the FP gives you a great opening salvo.
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