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Default Re: Looking for character sheets: Displacer Beast & Malboro

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Ummm... yeah, that actually fits the description quite well. you'd want defensive as well. That's still really cheap though. I don't think you need stealthy, but I don't know.

Obscure never ceases to amaze me with just how versatile it is.
Stealthy means there's no sensory effect from the Obscure itself. Without that, the beast would be running around with a visible aura of some sort, and things within the aura would be difficult to target. Default Obscure is a cloud of smoke, "white noise," or similar that makes it harder to sense what's inside by getting in the way, rather than by simply making it harder to see/hear/target.

And, yeah, Obscure is a pretty good deal when it comes to vision. Not so much for the other senses (which cost the same).
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