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Default Re: Simple Combat Balance Question.

Crushing attacks get a bad rap. With weapons, two things to remember are (1) you want swing damage whenever possible, and (2) you want big damage adds. A nice thing about crushing weapons is that you can meet these goals on the cheap and end up with something heavy enough that your poor delver won't need a replacement. Of course, these are good goals for almost any adventurer to try to meet.

On the subject of smashing hordes of undead: In the fantasy campaign that inspired GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and ultimately the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, dumb skeletons and zombies that just walked directly to the nearest opponent and started swinging were rarely challenging on the basis of numbers per se. When the players had the delvers circle up or get their backs to something, no number of such foes were a problem – boredom was. When the players insisted on the heroes running around willy-nilly, even a few such enemies were a problem, because someone always ended up surrounded. And when the undead cooperated and used sneaky tactics, all bets were off.

The wildcards were critical hits by the undead and critical failures on the heroes' defenses. Those could be bad. Luck makes the biggest difference here. In this situation, for two groups of delvers of equal size, each with $1,000 apiece in gear, I'd bet on a group of 150- to 200-point heroes, all of whom have Luck, before I'd bet on a group of 250-point heroes, none of whom have Luck. Luck is disproportionately effective in such situations. After that comes armor.
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