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Default Re: NPC Skill Levels

The relevant discussion in Character is in the box on B172. Don't set 'novice' skill levels too low - an attribute of 10 and 1-point in an average skill gives Skill-9, so about that should be the start point, IMO.

My rule of thumb for NPCs is:
Green/Novice         10
Regular/Experienced  12
Veteran/Expert       14
Elite                16
For a skill they might reasonably have, but not a core competency, I knock 2 levels off. I very seldom use 'Elite' levels for an NPC, as anyone that good is probably important enough to get written up fully, or nearly so.

IME in most modern and SF games even skill-12 grunts are viable foes for quite high-point PCs. Just give them sufficiently large guns and if necessary enough armour that they can't just be swept aside by a single area attack, and they're ready to go. In low-tech games skill matters more because parries and blocks are a thing while they aren't very important in most high/ultra-tech settings.

EDIT: Skill-14 is plenty for long range shooting. 14 + 5 (Acc of a decent long range rifle) + 2 (time) +2 (scope) + 1 (AoA - you're aiming, etc., so may as well) + 1 (Bracing) = 25. That's a 15- to hit at 100 yards without any particularly special gear. It also gives 10- to hit (so a 50% chance) to at 700 yards, which is pretty darned good. Or 12- to hit the Vitals at 100 yards (and on a 13 you still get a torso hit). Guns-14 is plenty for long range shooting.
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