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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy with only one Spellcaster "Class"

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k View Post
Eh, honestly, I just hate D&D's arbitrary "Wizards can't learn Healing spells, that's what Clerics are for" restriction. One of the reasons I like GURPS is that it's spell-based magic system allows for a Spellcaster to have the freedom to learn whatever spells they want.
Same here. I allow spellcasters in my games learn whatever spells they want. No problems in my game. I throw out the clerical/druid prereqs and make up what I think would be prereqs based on the PI level needed.

I leave the templates though. I feel like the other skills give them a good enough flavor to be different from each other class
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Congrats! You win the no-prize.
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