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Default Re: Simple Combat Balance Question.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post

The knight is probably going to be plowing through skeletons like they're popcorn - if he's got a crushing attack, I'd expect him to kill basically a skeleton on the first hit.
I agree with Bruno's excellent post, except for one addition: if your Knight doesn't have a crushing attack, shame. A Knight's primary job is to be really excellent at combat in general, so a Knight should be prepared for every kind of enemy that is reasonably bashable. That definitely includes enemies that are especially vulnerable to crushing damage. Every Knight should have some kind of crushing attack. A sling is a decent choice for a ranged weapon if there's a Scout around, because a Scout is going to pincushion anything that's vulnerable to ranged impaling anyway, so might as well diversify. A crowbar is also a generally useful thing to carry, for smashing doors and chests that you wouldn't want to bend your primary weapon on, as well as the occasional skeleton. Even if a Knight goes for the one-weapon-at-skill-20 option, one lousy quirk point put into a backup weapon skill goes pretty far with high ST and DX, way better than swinging at default.
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