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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the week: Addiction and Alcoholism

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
With just Addiction, there's no urge to indulge whenever you get the opportunity - someone can technically use it the one time per day to stave off withdrawal, and then say "no thanks, I'm good" every other time someone puts it in front of them.
For some drugs, that seems to work. Under the old UK regime, which ended in 1964, people on maintenance doses of medical-grade opiates don't seem to have sought additional supplies much, if at all.
To balance this sort of thing, since Addiction already has mechanics to cover how legal and expensive your drug of choice is, I would only ever give an extra -5 (modified for self-control) for Compulsive Behavior (use a drug). So someone could take Addiction (Tobacco) and Compulsive Behavior (Smoking, -12) for a total of -10 points, or they could be a pack-a-day person and take Compulsive Behavior (Smoking, -9) for a total of -13, or be a literal chain-smoker with Compulsive Behavior (Smoking, -6), for a total of -15. That seems about right to me.
That seems to cover the range of tobacco addicts nicely.
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