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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy with only one Spellcaster "Class"

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k View Post
So one thing I don't like in Dungeon Fantasy is shoe-horning in the arbitrary restriction, even if it's "In Genre."
That's not really why it's in DFRPG, and it's not an arbitrary restriction. The goal is to prevent overlap among character types, so that each player can have significant and identifiable value in the game. This is especially important for new or inexperienced players, who might otherwise not be very sure how to contribute in a more freeform environment.

In fact, I would argue that one of the most important reasons for DFRPG to exist at all is to establish those character type differences as central to the game. GURPS doesn't do this at all. DFRPG is based around the concept. Removing it just gets you GURPS Lite Plus, at which point I'd wonder why you're playing DFRPG.
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