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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy with only one Spellcaster "Class"

I would strongly advise against it. It would remove guidance in character creation. You've got 350 spells to choose from, it's hard enough already to understand: what being a spellcaster means. I'd rather go the other way and even build two or three professions for wizards, with more info on what spells to take. I think that the world of Harry Potter, as distinct from DFRPG as it is, is a good analogy here: saying "this is a wizard" says nothing of the character's skills and, uhm, character. You could be a wizard warrior, wizard scholar or a wizard housewife. "Wizard" only says how you do stuff, but says nothing of what you do. Creating one "spellcaster" profession would be like making one "mundane" profession encompassing knights, barbarians, thieves and scouts. It would be messy.

Why did you consider uniting the templates?
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