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Default Re: Question About the Style Gaki (Munchkin Fu)

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
This may not be explicitly specified in the rules, but it's such a fundamental part of game play that I am making this official ruling here and now: You cannot play cards that are not under your control.

This means, unless a rule explicitly says otherwise, you can't play cards out of the deck or discard pile and you definitely cannot force an opponent to play their cards. (And by "explicitly," I mean it has to say exactly that, not maybe perhaps somehow allow it by some tortured reading that is clearly outside the spirit of the game.)
Hey, I appreciate it, and if you think this is bad, try playing with my friend. Lol.

It's similar to two lawyers fighting over the definition of "relax."

"I am relaxed dammit!"

"How do YOU define relaxed because you don't seem relaxed to me!"

(looks up actual definition of relaxed)

It gets dicey.

Thanks for the clarification.
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