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Default Re: October 4, 2017: Illuminati 2018 Playtest

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
IMHO, the only appropriate image for The Fool would be a mirror. (The Tarot is supposed to represent the Fool's journey, after all, and customizing each deck to put the player into it would be too expensive...)

But can printers put a mirror on a card?
But I think that breaks the point of the tarot (or the stories of the hero's journey). Sure it is a personal (psychological) journey, but it is told through external means. The cards may be reflections of aspects of the of the hero or the events that guide the journey, but the are personified and steeped in symbolic relationships. Removing that removes the discovery, and thus the whole point of "going on the journey".

Or in other words, a mirror is a bit too much on the nose. :-D
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