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Default Sacrifice Parry with thrown weapons?

Far as I can tell you can do a sacrifice parry with a long weapon like a whip to protect an ally at significant range like 4 hexes...

If say, someone threw a ninja star at a civilian 10 hexes away and you wanted to throw your ninja star to deflect it before it hit them,'his would that work?

Simply allowing parries seems far too easy. I was thinking maybe to give a skill-based parry (or parry missile weapons if better) but to model it as an Aggressive Parry.

Then what happens is you need to not only make the parry (at -1) but then make an addition hit roll. This would make it harder.

A hit roll would then also allow use of the speed/distance table to account for the difficulty in hitting small fast objects. The parry roll preceding it would simply be to allow you to attack outside your turn, perceive an ally being attacked in enough time to react, etc.

This becomes a bit less cinematic and more feasible if you think of something like throwing a baseball to deflect a basketball or something. Then you are dealing with a larger and slower object so it would be easier to hit.
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