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Default Re: Grappling as parry

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
In Technical Grappling terms, it would be the equivalent of a grapple for 0 CP - contact but no real restraint.
Interesting benefit for Judo. Is this optional? Would you make it mandatory to declare whether or not you do this? Is Control Resistance any help against it?

Since grappling is mutual, doing this could give the enemy you parry some benefits (awareness of where you are, ability to use Escaping Parry to reverse the grab) so there could be situations where a Judoka might not want this if avoiding the 0 CP grapple is an option

Would you give this benefit to Sumo or Wrestling parries? What about Brawlers with Clinch?

Grabbing Parry replaces Hand Catch as a general case of a specific move. I agree it's similar in principle to Aggressive Parry. The offset differences in skill (Hand Catch is Parry-3, Grabbing Parry is Parry-2) are in there (if I recall correctly) because a Hand Catch is a pretty severe grapple (-4 to DX using standard rules), while the Grabbing Parry is always based on ST/2 - relatively speaking weak sauce.
Still just as good as a one armed grapple. Functionally no different if you are a one armed judoka or have your other hand occupied.

You also added the option to slip in and grapple the torso instead of just the attacking limb which makes this a lot more flexible and interesting.
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