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Default Re: Penalties for prolonged inversion or spinning?

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
In that case can start with realistic penalties and just double them. Disorientation probably is realistic, what is cinematic is being able to get those odd holds in the first place and not having people escape from them as you set them up.
In the most recent season of America's Got Talent*, there was a brother-sister pair who's act mostly consisted of the brother spinning his sister at speeds pro wrestlers couldn't even dream of**, with her doing complicated acro(aero?)batics without any sign of disorientation. Granted, this is something she specifically trained for, but from that I'd say humans probably can't generate enough G-force to really cause the whole "blood rushing to the head" thing, at least not enough for disorientation of someone who is hopped up on adrenaline and similar combat hormones.

*I only saw part of one episode, which was apparently their last act, so can only comment on that one. It was pretty darn impressive, and I'm honestly confused it didn't go forward, but whatever.
**Special stage, use of roller blades, and significant windup at the start with the two working together to build up speed. Also, the brother had a great deal more mass than the sister, hence him being the anchor. I'm pretty certain they were operating at pretty near the peak of what a muscle-powered human centrifuge can accomplish.
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