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Default Re: DF Implied Cosmology

OK, so in Kromm's cosmological framework supernatural power seems to all be various filters on Unfiltered (Cosmic) "mana" from higher dimensions. (No filter required if you are a Squids, or an actual God.) Works as a solid default assumption for me.

However, two observations:
1. Both gods and Squids can mess with Cosmic mana directly. The Gods used it to build the reality they and the delvers live in. Other Squids come from "outside" but are not generally powerful as Gods. I have a mental model where reality is a house, the Gods are the "owners," Squiddies are "vermin," and the rest of creation is "furniture" or "servants."

Perhaps the legendary capriciousness of the Gods can be put down to good and bad "days at work."

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Nature's strength is the collective life force of all living things, associated with no one creature and capable of existing independently of living beings as long as there are such beings.
I think this means Jedi & Sith are feuding Druid clans.
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