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Default Re: The guide to throat slitting (or sentry removal, for the gentlemen)

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
All Out Attack Dedicated (+4 to skill) + DWA is usually better than All Out Attack Double since it gives a -1 to defend but I guess if there is no defense it doesn't matter.
When grappling isn't involved, and the character is using two weapons, I'd agree with you. In this case, you really want the initial grapple to be two-handed (as otherwise you're generating CP with only half your ST, giving you fewer to cash in for bonus damage and making it easier for the foe to escape if he survives the subsequent attack). Additionally, the knife has to be involved with the grapple in order to make use of my Draw Cut Technique - otherwise, you'll probably want to stab (with a Reverse Grip for more damage, of course).

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
I think the AOA(d) combined with Grab and smash is a good way to go. I think it's easily justified and you get the best of both Dedicated and Strong
Assuming you're trying to do it in one round, Dedicated will mean you have to either Rapid Strike (net -2) or DWA (net +0, and the grapple is one-handed). If you're doing it in two rounds, of course, Dedicated is pretty well the way to go (although depending on relative skill level Strong may be better for the second attack, for even more damage).
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