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Default Re: Question About the Style Gaki (Munchkin Fu)

I agree that's a bit of a stretch, and to a small degree, was only entertained for the sake of comedy, but even if we were to take the issue a bit more with a serious tone and only look within the confines of the game itself, the card does present an issue.

And I assure you this is a very serious question. I'm not trying to troll or flame here...

Does this card apply to any card, whether it's under the possession of a particular player or not, and does it apply to any of the cards not yet drawn, or cards that have been discarded? Does it apply to someone's hand?

If it applies to all or most of the above, then the game can theoretically implode upon itself the very second the Style Gaki card is played... as:

"...anyone, can use any card..."

Which means that all cards will instantly be plopped onto the Gaki, in a single round of combat, and upon conclusion, both players would lose all of their equipment in the process... all cards would be reshuffled and play would resume with fresh decks, no discard pile, and nobody would have anything in play or in their hand.

And as the rules are currently formatted and phrased, this is a perfectly legal situation to occur... so that's why we are asking for there to be some sort of guidance on this issue, or perhaps even official declaration from the developers about how to approach this card's wildly unregulated logical format.

Now... I'm assuming that there may be some implied context here that helps to address this particular card... so let me try and demonstrate why it's important that there's some level of clarity here...

We're playing a game, you and me, right this moment... and I play a wandering monster to bring out a Style Gaki...

Now, I'm really desperate to ensure you lose this battle, so I demand that you play your entire hand (which satisfies the description: any card).

Tell me what ruling specifically states that you can deny my demand?

Additionally, I decide to pick up both of the discard piles, and plop them on top of the Style Gaki, as they again satisfy the condition of any card.

Tell me specifically what rule negates my ability to do this?

If there is no boundary except for the utter outside boundary of the game itself, then the card can run rampant and break the game.

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