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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

Originally Posted by schoon View Post
[*]Some background is already appearing in Pyramid
Is there a list of background material that has been released for the new edition? What issues of Pyramid do I need?

Editing to partially answer my own Question...
From RogerBW's PYRAMID Volume Three Index thread...

#85: Cutting Edge (November 2015)
• Short Bursts: White Gold (Matt Riggsby)
#86: Organizations (December 2015)
• Short Bursts: Muckleshoot (Matt Riggsby)
#87: Low Tech III (January 2016)
• Short Bursts: Ten Minutes in October (Steven Marsh)
#88: The End Is Nigh (February 2016)
• Short Bursts: Rapid Raj (Matt Riggsby)
#89: Alternate Dungeons 2 (March 2016)
• Short Bursts: Five Best Places to Nearly Get Killed Before You Die! (Matt Riggsby)
#90: After the End (April 2016)
• Short Bursts: Good Old Days (Matt Riggsby)
#91: Thaumatology IV (May 2016)
• Short Bursts: Tech Support (Matt Riggsby)
#92: Zombies (June 2016)
• Short Bursts: Cicero (Matt Riggsby)
#93: Cops and Lawyers (July 2016)
• Short Bursts: A Word From Our Sponsor (Matt Riggsby)
#94: Spaceships III (August 2016)
• Short Bursts: Rematch (Matt Riggsby)

Does anyone know of any I missed? Or any that weren't in Pyramid?

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