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Default Re: Optional Damage to Cloaks

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Checking out B287 DR and HP for cloaks. And wondering about B484 rules. Makes sense for cutting/impaling/fire... But having hard time imagining a 2 damage punch is able to damage a cloak....

Is this because it is being held taut by the defender making it more able to rip?

In situations where it is not (lessay, my cloak is bundled loosy on the ground and enemy is just punching it) wouldn't some resistance/DR against crushing attacks make sense?
Author James Loriega visited a HEMA school in Spain where the cloak was mentioned. Descriptions make it sound more like a whip then a shield.

Probably a direct parry would be impossible, but you can tangle the weapon or better yet the arm and you can blind your opponent with a whack at the eye long enough to set up your attack. Or things like that.
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