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Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Which does what? Does he have any control of or memory of what it does? Does the player get to to control the avatar? Is it triggered by stress or by the god's own agenda when it sees an opportunity to put a spoke in another god's wheel or help its own cult?
The avatar would have a general sense of the 'host's' memories.

Full bio: The player should eventually encounter a magical artifact that will grant them the ability to shapeshift into a new form. While I want them to have access to the form on their own, it comes with a drawback. The driving will of the avatar spirit trying to exercise it's own influence on the body. When it does, the player will be unaware of what the spirit does, but is aware of its existence. The spirit will have control of the players abilities plus a fraction of its own, with its own greater agenda separate from the players.
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