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Default Re: Druid Shapeshifting: Alternate Form or Spell?

Shapeshifting, 14/70/90/127/183
You may shapeshift into one creature of the appropriate level. Additional forms are a flat +14 points each and must be the same level or less than the Shapeshifting advantage.

Level 1: "Beast Flight" form
Level 2: Wolverine, Skunk
Level 3: Any of the Familiar animals (Cat, Dog, Bat, Chimp, etc), but with the Familiar disadvantage removed.
Level 4: Anaconda, Boar, Great Eagle, Gorilla, Hound, Kangaroo, Kraken, Shark, Stallion
Level 5: Bear, Great Cat, Timber Wolf, Insect Swarm

This doesn't make it any simpler or easier, it just changes the rule wording from "you must pay for the most expensive form" to "you must pay for a level that covers the form you want."
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