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Default Re: Simple Combat Balance Question.

Some possible examples from my characters (all DF made):

Jednesa (an Ogre Barbarian) could probably stand all day surrounded by Skeles and happily smash them, alone, without any friends. She's DR 10 buck naked (which is how she prefers it), her fists alone do 3d+3 and her mace probably smashes them on even really low damage rolls (5d+9!). But that Evil Cleric with mind control spells? Yeah, he's he weakness...

Then there's Stenet (Dwarf Holy Warrior). Solid armored DR 6, so he won't be ignoring them, but he's also got solid Block skills. He does adequate damage, 2d+1 cut with an axe. He can't stand around all day mobbed by skeles, but that's not his job. His job is to go cut down that Evil Mind Controlling Cleric... (he has quite frankly impressive Resistance to Evil Supernatural powers)...

Then we have Ulo (Troll Wizard). Low DR means she wants to avoid standing around getting hit and her only real spells aren't high enough to be truly impressive. As a backline skirmisher, she needs to avoid being surrounded and mobbed at all costs!

My only DFRPG character:

Argua (Premade from the GM's Screen): She can stand around getting mildly mobbed, decent armor, likely to drop 2 Skeles per turn. However she will be taking damage so she can't do this all day. And her defenses are garbage, so she really needs to be dropping 2 (if not 3) Skeles a turn. She embodies the old saw "the best defense is a good offense".
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