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Default Re: Druid Shapeshifting: Alternate Form or Spell?

Originally Posted by shadedmagus View Post
You say that is simple? Your explanation seems more complex than what I quoted. :)
Not really. You pay for the most expensive form you can change into. Each added form is +14 points more. That is as simple as you can get.

It only gets slightly more complex when you want to upgrade to more forms later and one of them is more expensive than your currently most expensive form, because you have to pay for the difference between your current most expensive form and what will be your new most expensive form, plus the usual +14 points for being able to change into another form. It's no different than if you want to go from ST 15 [50] to ST 17 [70] and have to pay the difference in cost between them.

Originally Posted by shadedmagus View Post
In all seriousness, that kind of point accounting seems wacky to me, and is what I'm trying to avoid. I'd like to make it so the capability itself is the most expensive portion of the cost, and then be able to list each form as 14 points apiece (or maybe 28 or 35 for the more powerful forms).
You can do that, but at that point you are not even trying to convert Shapeshifting rules from GURPS/DF to the DFRPG, you are just making it up as you go along. If that's OK with you then just make it up and assign whatever you think is an appropriate point cost. However, if you want it to have a foundation in the existing rules then you cannot do it that way.
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