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Default Re: Simple Combat Balance Question.

IME, running a four-character group at 125 points, no turning, and skeletons dropping at 0 HP, they had absolutely no problem with four skeletons, with either no losses in HP or FP or trivial losses. (Zombies, however, gave them fits, but they did beat them with no losses other than HP and FP, though those were much higher, and made sure they fled when they saw the demon-summoning evil cleric who was just past the skeletons.) I would imagine that a 2-to-1 ratio would cause some problems, but be beatable at 125 points. At 250 points, I'm going to guess a 3- to 5-to-1 ratio would be the spot if there isn't turning. At higher levels, your scenario of 4 heroes against 100 skeletons isn't outrageous at all, even without turning. These guys just aren't tough.
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