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Default Re: Druid Shapeshifting: Alternate Form or Spell?

You're over-complicating things for yourself. The cost structure for Dungeon Fantasy is simple:
Pay full cost for the most expensive form, as listed in Dungeon Fantasy 5. Each additional form after the first is a flat +14 points.

If you want to change into a Boar per Dungeon Fantasy 5 that is 127 points. If you add an Anaconda to that then the total cost is 127+14. If you want to add a Bear to the Boar instead then the total cost is the cost of the Bear plus one more form, or 183+14=197. This means it costs +70 points to add a Bear to the Boar.

The "Beast Flight" form listed in the DFRPG simply has a base cost of 14 points. If you start out with Beast Flight and want to add the Boar form the cost to upgrade is 127+14=141 total, or an additional +127 points.

If you want to allow the Shapeshifting spell instead that'd be fine too. The biggest disadvantage of doing so is that the energy cost is pretty high for most of the forms.
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