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Default Re: Advice for new players thread.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post

Marching order: You probably want to put the fastest person at the back, rather than the front, and the slowest person at the front, not somewhere else.
With an important exception: "Put somebody who can find traps up front." This is usually a thief or scout, and therefore somebody on the faster side. But (and it's a big "but"), if you use a thief, that person will often start fights by rolling Stealth to hide in shadows for backstabbing (Exploits, pp. 57-58). Which means they'll melt out of the way before getting in the way . . .

But generally, the heavily armored, slow-moving warriors are best placed in front, just behind this thief. Not only will they have a shorter distance to run in a fight, but they'll also be able to avoid paying +1 movement point per ally they must squeeze past (Exploits, p. 34), which effectively doubles the distance they must run. Fast-movers can suck this up; slow-movers cannot.
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