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Default Re: Questioning the [Subforum] Rules?

If you want to discuss something that builds on or adds house rules to the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, that's fine! All games get modded and tweaked right out of the gate – it's what gamers do.

Please do so in a way that isn't essentially a GURPS discussion, however. For instance, if you want to talk about rayguns, wonderful – but, "We'll need a Raygun skill, and Crossbow is DX/E, so let's call Raygun a DX/E skill as well," would be preferable to, "We'll need Beam Weapons (Pistol)." Now if you want to word it as, "We'll need a skill for rayguns, which should be DX/E like Crossbow; let's call it Beam Weapons," I could live with it.

Needless to say, just name-dropping GURPS concepts sans explanation (e.g., offering a template filled with traits not found in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game) would be bad. Plonking down references to GURPS supplements by page and title would be equally troublesome. And as we're not going to soften our other forums rules against pasting text from our products here, in practice this means that when you add mods that are really just GURPS rules, you're going to be explaining them in your own words.
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