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Default Re: Advice for new players thread.

Marching order: You probably want to put the fastest person at the back, rather than the front, and the slowest person at the front, not somewhere else.

  • The group will always be marching at the rate of the slowest character, so he can't "hold the group up" any more than usual if he's leading.
  • If the slow guy is at the back when you find trouble in front, he's going to be starting the fight five to ten yards further away; you'd never make the slowest runner run a *longer* race, don't do it in the Dungeon.
  • The rest of the party is likely to hit the enemy front lines several turns before the slow guy can clank his way to the fight scene - not only is that not very fun for the slow guy, it means you're down one person for the fight!
  • If something happens that you need the guy at the back up front, the fast character can get there, well, fast. The slow character will take forever.
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