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And at the sound of the Song the car goes wild, its front end hopping up several feet and nearly but only nearly dislodging the man--the Olympian, if Ryuki is right--with the rope. Sunae would be knocked off her feet but not off the car itself (unless she's got some jiujitsu that I'm not seeing Posting from work.) Corat risks being made to body-slam two people out of the way of the falling front end at Ofanite speed.

The crowd shouts in excitement and panic, and the car responds with more forceful thrashing. Von Galen is headed towards the scene but has to fight the crowd to get there.
Mitch looks up, startled, as the car starts jerking around. Was it especially sensitive to Disturbance or another celestial or Ethereal bound into the form of a car. Unsure, he hustles the woman away who's still a little dazed at her close call and leaves her at first aid booth before returning to his friends. "How do we stop it? Someone is going to get seriously hurt soon."
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