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Default Re: Evolution of GURPS MAGIC regards to Yrth background

Originally Posted by hal View Post
For example, suppose someone wanted to create a FLESH TO STONE spell, but instead of it being an Instantaneous spell, it was a Temporary spell that requires energy to maintain? The player notes that the spell normally costs 10 energy to cast, and lasts indefinitely until a counter spell is used to make the effect reversed. So the player argues that the Temporary version of the spell costs only 5 energy, and has a maintenance interval of 1 week and 1 fatigue.

Clarification (if I take your meaning correctly): Flesh To Stone can't be Counter-spelled as it's Instantaneous; it is 'countered' by Stone To Flesh.

Earth To Stone, however, can be Counter-spelled or Dispelled as it's Permanent, which is a bit of a bugger if you're thinking of making building walls with it.

The 'Stabilised Earth To Stone' I added to the Construction spell school in my Yrth as a secret spell largely matches your suggestion here; same description but has Earth To Stone as a pre-req and is VH. Which makes it as rare as hen's teeth, which I wanted.
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