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Default Re: Catfall, Perfect Balance, and jumping from tightrope to tightrope

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
My mental picture is suddenly that of lemurs leaping from tree to tree. With Disney Robin Hood hats.
That's definitely my vision as well.

Originally Posted by evileyeeyore View Post
Though that would be amusing...

Instead of "boredom" being the number one killer of Elves it's "living in cliff cities".
The entire race also has On The Edge, so I don't doubt that reckless behavior is a common killer, just not typically as a result of walking from the house to the corner store.

I thought it would be a kind of neat variant of the "elves are in tune with nature" theme to make them adrenaline junkies mimicking our snowboarder or rock climber culture instead of hippie environmentalists.
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